Bahrain’s climate is arid with two distinct seasons, a moderate winter and a hot summer. It is usually quite humid throughout the year. The period between April and October (which are the summer months), the average temperature is 40°C. Bahrain receives little precipitation with the average annual rainfall  approximately 80 millimeters, usually confined to the winter months.

Due to the weather at this period of year you are advised to:

  • Always use protective sun lotions and hydrating cream on your skin;
  • Drink sufficient water: approximately 2 liters during the day;
  • Avoid sunbathing and outdoor physical activity in the hottest hours of the day.

The majority of the public spaces are air-conditioned at 18-21° C and therefore participants should take the temperature difference between the outdoor and indoor spaces into consideration. It is therefore recommended to foresee light airy clothes to go outside and a heavier item of clothing (scarf, light jacket, etc.) when indoors. There are no particular constraints in terms of dress. Both western and traditional clothing are equally accepted in all areas except in religious spaces such as mosques.