VISA – Deadline extended till 25 May

Please be informed that we strongly advise all Delegates, regardless of the type of passport which they hold, to apply for visa via our registration system available at:

Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, the main organizer institution of the Host Country, is in close cooperation with the Visa Directorate. If you register before 25 May 2018, on the first page of the registration system you will see a box asking if you would like the Host Country to facilitate the visa process. Please see a print screen from the registration system:

If you tick the box, you will be directed to the visa page in the same system where you will be asked to insert some more information for the visa application. The organizers then will acquire the visa for you free of charge and inform you via email. This system will be available to everybody until 20 May 2018, regardless of the nationality and type of passport they hold.

Further information is available at:

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